*BSPM Seminar* Anchored phylogenomics: rapidly expanding across the Tree of Life

Hybrid enrichment is quickly becoming the preferred method of phylogenomic data collection, because it allows hundreds or thousands of nuclear loci to be obtained at a lower cost than other approaches. Anchored hybrid enrichment, by utilizing probes representing several diverse lineages within a target clade, is particularly powerful because it allows researchers to target loci with sufficient sequence variation to answer phylogenetic questions at both deep and shallow scales. Here, we summarize over 50 Anchored Phylogenomics projects in Vertebrata, Angiosperms, Arthropoda, Annelida, and Mollusca. These studies demonstrate that the Anchored Phylogenomics approach is an effective method of obtaining well-resolved species trees in non-model systems.

Speaker: Dr. Alan Lemmon

Speaker Institution: Department of Biological Science, Florida State University

Speaker Website: http://anchoredphylogeny.com/

Event Date: 04-08-2015

Event Start Time: 12:00 noon

Event Location: Plant Sciences Building E008

Host: Mark Simmons