Dr. LeRoy Poff receives Society for Freshwater Science’s Award of Excellence

Posted: January 28th, 2019

N. LeRoy Poff is a Professor of Biology at Colorado State University and holds a partial appointment as Distinguished Professor at the University of Canberra. Since receiving his PhD in 1989, LeRoy’s research has focused on understanding how natural and human-caused hydrologic variability regulates the interactions among species and the structure and function of riverine ecosystems. By developing techniques to quantify streamflow variability in ecologically meaningful terms and using species (functional) traits as generalized, mechanistic response variables, he has been a leader in advancing the field of hydro-ecology. Through his interdisciplinary and collaborative work, LeRoy has contributed fundamentally to the development of the field of “environmental flows,” which aims to support sustainable management of streams and rivers at local to regional to global scales in the face of growing human water demands. His current interests are on developing better conceptual frameworks and decision support tools for science-based management of streams and rivers in our current period of rapid climate and ecological change.

About the Award

The SFS AoE is awarded to a single recipient for outstanding contributions to benthic science. The scope of the award will reflect the broad interests and expertise exhibited in the Society, but the award will not be limited to members of the Society. Submit your nominations using the SFS Awards Nomination Portal linked at the top of this page.

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