Mohammed Albaqami

almajed1Advisor: A.S.N. Reddy
Phone: +12022946114
Grants and Awards: Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission

My research interest is to investigate “how are plants respond to abiotic stresses at post-transcriptional levels” especially alternative splicing (AS). Alternative splicing is a post-transcriptional regulatory mechanism that is linked to several developmental processes and many abiotic stress responses. In addition, it increases the transcriptome complexity giving a chance for more adaptation. In a recent study about 61% of intron-containing genes in Arabidopsis are subjected for AS and this number is predicting to increase with more RNA-seq data for different cell types and under different conditions are available. Serine Arginine (SR)- rich proteins and SR-like proteins (SR45) are splicing factors that known to regulate alternative splicing. Using molecular techniques such as RNA-seq, qPCR and protein-RNA interactions, I am investigating the role of the splicing factor SR45 in abiotic stresses response in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana.