Alejandro Lopez-Ceron

Alejandro Lopez-CeronAdvisor: Donald L. Mykles
Office: Anatomy/Zoology E400
Grants and Awards: Fundacion Carolina (2011-2012), Colciencias (2012), The Crustacean Society (April 2016)

I am a Marine Biologist from Colombia studying a Ph.D. in Zoology and working with Dr. Donald Mykles in the Crab Lab. I have acquired a significant knowledge about zooplankton of lotic ecosystems and marine zooplankton in upwelling systems of tropical and temperate regions. Now my focus is on the biological and molecular patterns controlling molt cycle in decapods. I am particularly interested in how some genes involved in stress events, such as the AMP-Kinase, Hypoxia Inducible Factor, Sirtuin, and Heat Shock Proteins respond, express and are regulated during the molt cycle of the Blackback land crab Gecarcinus lateralis and the Green crab Carcinus maenas.