Leonardo Lima

leolimaAdvisor: Elizabeth Pilon-Smits
Email: leolima@rams.colostate.edu

I am a Brazilian Biologist interested in understanding the physiological mechanisms that underlie the Selenium hyperaccumulation in plants. I am especially interested in how the Stanleya pinnata (Brassicaceae) is able to distinguish Selenate (Se) from Sulfate and preferentially accumulates Se up to 0.5% of its dry weight.

Selected Publications

Schiavon, M., Lima, L.W., Jiang, Y., Hawkesford, M.J. (2017). Effects of Selenium on Plant Metabolism and Implications for Crops and Consumers. In: Selenium in Plants. Plant Ecophysiology 11. Springer, pp.257-275. DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-56249-0_15