Megan Mudron

MeganAdvisor: Donald L. Mykles
Office: Yates 303
Phone: 9704915866
Grants and Awards: Journal of Experimental Biology- Travel Fellowship

I am working on the gene regulation over the course of the molt cycle in Gecarcinus lateralis (the blackback land crab) and Carcinus maenas (the green shore crab). Specifically, I am interesting in learning about how crustaceans become committed to molting (i.e. cannot stop the process even if they might want to, due to stress). I believe that this commitment is due to the effects of a TGF-B factor, perhaps Myostatin, and am working to quantify the expression of this gene during the stages of intermolt and early through late premolt in G. lateralis. I will also be quantifying the gene expression of mTOR and related genes.

In addition, I am also quantifying the gene expression of AMP-kinase, an early indicator of stress, in Carcinus maenas after exposures to varying temperatures to see if this invasive species is sensitive to stress at extreme temperatures. This may give insight to how this species would react to global climate change.