Rachel Mueller

Rachel MuellerAssociate Professor
Office: Biology 434
Phone: 970-491-6717
Website: http://wp.natsci.colostate.edu/muellerlab
Education: Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
Email: rlm@colostate.edu

I am interested in three basic questions in evolutionary biology: (1) How do genomes evolve, particularly those at the extremes of genome size? (2) How do transposable elements shape genome biology and evolution? (3) How does genome size impact phenotype and the evolutionary trajectories of lineages? My lab focuses primarily on the nuclear and mitochondrial genomes of salamanders, both of which are greatly expanded relative to other vertebrate species. Currently, we also work on copepods and giant viruses. Our research combines genomic sequence data, simulations, phylogenetics, natural history collections, and fieldwork. CV_Mueller

Selected Publications

Madison-Villar, M., Sun, C., Lau, N., Settles, M., and Mueller, R. L. 2016. Small RNAs from a big genome: the piRNA pathway and transposable elements in the salamander species Desmognathus fuscus. Journal of Molecular Evolution 83(3-4):126-136.

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