Meena Balgopal Professor

Office: 436

Phone: (970) 491-4277



  • Ph.D., North Dakota State University


Our research group is interested in how people make meaning of natural science concepts. We explore meaning making (interpretation) and learning (storing and recalling information) by studying how people speak, read, and write about science.We conduct our work in diverse field sites: undergraduate science and engineering classrooms; K-12 classrooms; and informal science education experiences (field trips, museums, school gardens) Our research informs how science educators can support science learning. The findings will inform students so they can become: more aware of their own conceptual difficulties and be independent learners; more inclusive and productive teammates during group work; and better communicators of science. The findings will inform instructors of science so they can support: student learning through writing activities; science communication skills; and critical thinking during problem-based learning activities.