The Biology Department strives for excellence, and we deliver.  Please look over the long list of accomplishments this year in Biology, at all levels from undergraduates to Professors, from departmental awards to international recognition!


Department of Biology Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring:

Graduate Student Excellence in Teaching:  Corey Handelsman and Jenna McAleer

Postdoc / Graduate Student Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring:  Sarah Fitzpatrick

Faculty Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching:  Marinus Pilon

Faculty Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring:  Shane Kanatous

Faculty Excellence in Graduate Education and Mentoring:  Cameron Ghalambour


Department of Biology Scholarships:


Robert E. Cooper Scholarship: Adrienne Renee Prueitt

Bruno Klinger Memorial Scholarship: Zane Moore

Peitersen Memorial Scholarship: Kathryn Cleary


Sharon E. and David E. Kabes Scholarship: Ava Hoffman

Edward and Phyllis Reed Fellowship: Sarah Fitzpatrick

Harold Harrington Fellowship: Luke Tembrock

Stavros Family Fund: Ava Hoffman & Jiameng Wang


College of Natural Sciences Awards:

Postdoc / Graduate Student Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring:  

Sarah Fitzpatrick

Recognition of U.S. Patent

June Medford

University Recognition:

Colorado School of Public Health: Excellence in Clinical/Affiliated Faculty Teaching Award.

               Dan Salkeld, Instructor and Research Scholar

Distinguished Administrative Professional Award

               Donna Weedman

Front Range Student Ecology Symposium,

               Oral Presentation Graduate:  Dale Broder, Keziah Katz and Mike Koontz

               Poster Presentation Graduate:  Carolina Gutierrez

               Poster Presentation Undergraduate  Chris Kopack

               Photo Contest Award:  Best Landscape – Rachel Harrington

 Cell and Molecular Biology Program Poster Symposium

                Honors:  Mike Caballero

 Celebrate Undergraduate Research and Creativity Research Posters

               Highest Honors—Best of Show  (there were 3)

               Talia Head,  

               Project Title: Localization of molt inhibiting hormone (MIH) and nitric oxide synthase (NOS) in the eyestalk ganglia of three decapod crustacean species, Carcinus maenas, Gecarcinus lateralis, and Metacarcinus magis

               Major: Biology, Advisor: Don Mykles

               Highest Honors

               Emma Jobson

               Project Title: Role of Micro-RNAs in Copper Regulation

               Major: Biological Science, Advisor: Marnius Pilon

               High Honors

               Kent Schnacke

               Project: Effects of hypoxia (emersion) on adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase (AMPK) expression in the European green crab, Carcinus maenas.

               Major: Biological Science, Advisor: Don Mykles and Megan Mudron


               August Martin

               Project: Investigation of Filamin C on Cardiac Development

               Major: Biological Science, Advisor: Deborah Garrity

               College Honors

               College of Agricultural Sciences

               Olivia Todd

               Project Title: A Pilot Study in Reducing Extensin Protein in Plant Cell Walls to Increase Glucose Yields for Cellulosic Biofuel Production.

               Major: Soil and Crop Sciences, Advisor: Patricia Bedinger

               College of Natural Sciences

               Dominique Montano, Arielle Howell, Cole Borque

               Project Title: Framework of a Predator: Detailing the Unique Physical Features of Puma concolor, the Mountain Lion

               Major: Zoology, Advisor: Shane Kanatous


               Zane Moore

               Project Title: Chlorophyll-deficiency in Sequoia sempervirens vegetative shoots

               Major: Biological Science, Advisor: David Steingraeber


               Brittany Wetzel

               Project Title: Developing novel Chlamydomonas reinhardtii lines that are deficient in proteins required for photosynthetic growth and light stress regulation

               Major: Biological Science, Advisor: Graham Peers


Colorado and National Awards

Colorado Women’s Hall of Fame

              Diana Wall, University Distinguished Professor

Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

              Diana Wall, University Distinguished Professor

National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships

               James Craven – Advisor: Anireddy S. Reddy

               May Gamboa – Advisor: Cameron Ghalambor

               Annie Kellner – Advisor  Mike Antolin


International Award

2013 Foreign Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, India

            Anireddy S. Reddy

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