Schedule an Appointment

CSU students currently on planned leave will need to email their advisor to schedule an advising appointment.

All advising appointments for Fall 2020 will be conducted via phone, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams.  When you schedule you appointment, be sure to indicate which platform you would like to use.

***Please register for your next semester on time – do not wait! Only Biology/Zoology students on probation or in their first semester have advising codes. Check RAMweb to learn if you have an advising code.***

Before your first advising appointment

Review the curriculum for your major. Requirements can be found here:

What we can do for you

  • Talk to you about the undergraduate biology program
  • Help with class selection prior to registration each semester. We highly recommend a meeting with us before registering so we can ensure graduation requirements are being met.
  • Review the four year plan you have created to make sure it is appropriate and attainable according to your anticipated graduation date.
  • Connect you with career resources, study abroad transfer credit resources, study habits and time management workshops, as well as learning assistance resources.

What we cannot do for you

  • Override you into a class that is full, a class for which you do not meet the pre-requisites, or provide time conflict overrides. Only the course instructors can do those overrides for you.  The Department of Biology teaches only LIFE and BZ courses; all other questions/requests must go through the respective department.
  • Let you into another department’s major or minor. You must visit the department that houses the major or minor in question to get added to the program in which you are interested.  Please note that the BMS minor is not in the Dept. of Biology.
  • Make a 4 year plan for you.  You are responsible for making your own 4 year plan and the Academic Success Coordinators are here to help make sure your plan will work.  Instructions for creating a 4 year plan and sample plans can be found here: Creating-a-4-year-plan.pdf