Created by students as their final projects in these courses, the below projects educate about everyday problems facing the environment & present creative solutions.

Invasive Species: Roaton to Colorado 

Water Filtration Matters

Colorado Conservation: Saving Water to Help Marine Mammals

Making Ocean Smart Product Choices

Living in a Sea of Plastics

Reefs to Rangelands

A Look into Alternatives for Polymers in Contact Lenses 

Into the Ocean, into You

Unsustainable fishing is threatening ecosystems

Is Your Sunscreen a Killer?

Did the Colorado River reach the ocean this year?

The Cure!

Let’s Cut the Tie

Local Farm-raised Fish is More Sustainable than Wild-caught Fish Imported to Colorado

Let’s Talk about Sunscreen

Did You Know Sunscreen Causes Coral Bleaching?

Tourism & Coral Reefs

Ocean Acidification: Climate Change’s Partner in Crime

Coral Reefs

Return Nutrients to the Oceans

Beauty and the Sharks

Using Human Consumption as a Method of Management of the Invasive Chinese Mitten Crab, Erocheir sinesis

Choose Your Cruise with Oceans in Mind

A Healthy Ocean Basin Could Feed 1 Billion People One Nutritious Meal Per Day

What Can You Do? 

Reduce Ocean Dead Zones by Switching your Fertilizer

Marine Megafauna Response to Climate Change

Biodegradable Pens

Eutrophication – What is it?


Organizations working at a solution and how you can help

Bio-Hybrid Robots are the Key to our Planet’s Future

Algal Farms: Sustaining a Locally Grown Protein Source

Mangrove Forests: a system worth protecting

Prevent Further Damage. Buy from American Samoa Companies

Ranching and the Ocean

Ban gillnetting! Before it’s too late…

What are you putting in the water?

The Norwegian King Crab Infestation

Fish Yourself some Local Fins

How is your Seafood Sourced?

Want Fish?

Climate Change is Impacting our World – From the Oceans all the Way to the Mountains

Microfibers are Being Ingested by and Harming Marine Life

What is ALDFG?

Earth’s Natural Bandages

Changing Your Skin Care Products Will Help Save the Ocean

Colorado Can Save Marine Life

Healthy Oceans and Healthy Skin

Hemp Plastics

Is that Really Tuna?

Learn to Dive Close to Home