Cameron Ghalambor Professor


Phone: (970) 491-2759



  • Ph.D., University of Montana


I am interested in questions at the interface of evolutionary, behavioral, and physiological ecology. My research interests are generally concerned with the empirical study of adaptation in natural populations. Current research questions include: 1) the role of phenotypic plasticity in adaptive evolution, 2) the evolutionary and physiological ecology of species range limits, 3) the evolution of thermal tolerance and life histories in temperate and tropical organisms, and 4) the consequences of rapid evolution for conservation and management.  My students and I use a diversity of research methods that span field and laboratory experiments, and we often take a comparative approach that compares different species and populations. While the research in my lab is focused on simultaneously testing and developing theory, we also seek to apply our work to conservation problems. I am interested in graduate students who share a similar motivation.