Carolina Gutierrez PhD Candidate in Ecology


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  • PhD in Ecology, Graduating Summer 2019. GDPE - CSU
  • Master in Biological Sciences. 2011. Universidad del Tolima (Ibagué, Colombia)
  • BS in Biology. 2007. Universidad del Tolima (Ibagué, Colombia)


I am a Biologist from Colombia, highly interested in intercultural and ideas exchange, and excited about the chance of getting to meet new people, places and activities. My main research experience has been with biological research, but I am also looking for chances to improve my people skills. I have the ability to manage biodiversity studies and aquatic ecosystems monitoring; with some experience in coral reefs, seagrass beds, mangrove and marine mammal’s research. I am very interested in acquiring and improving abilities and skills in the personal, academic and professional areas during my PhD in Colorado State University (Fort Collins), to contribute to the development of my country through not only through my future research work, but also through the sharing of ideas, experiences and cultures while in my time in the US. I am deeply interested in building a career in academia, where I believe both research and education have a key role in shaping the progress and sustainability of natural resources for future generations.

As a first-generation student from a developing country, raised by a single Mom and widowed Grandmother within a farmer’s family, I am passionate about diversity and inclusion and opportunities for women and minorities, particularly in countries such as Colombia. I believe that providing good quality education is key to foster love of learning and, in my particular case, I believe aquatic biota is a great tool for teaching science to all ages and at all levels of education.

I am fortunate to be part of the EVOTRAC (Evolutionary and Ecological Variability in Organismal Trait Response with Altitude and Climate) project because from someone coming from the tropics EVOTRAC presents a unique opportunity to learn about stream ecology research in temperate vs. tropical studies and do collaborative research.


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