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How can solar energy installations prioritize ecosystems?

Solar energy will be an important part of powering the future, and two CSU researchers have proposed a solution to make sure future installations are built with preserving our ecosystems in mind.

CSU biologists document genome-level climate adaptation in endangered bird species

A new study led by Colorado State University is one of the first to document climate adaptation at the genomic level in a wild population.

What deer mice can tell us about high-elevation pregnancies and fetal growth

CSU biologist Kate Wilsterman is working to understand how the physiology of pregnancy has evolved and diversified across mammals – in particular, she’s interested in species’ adaptive strategies for dealing with the effects of high elevations, where oxygen is less abundant.

Embracing curiosity as a woman of color in STEM

Andrea Gomez, a 2006 biology graduate from the Colorado State University College of Natural Sciences, uses the flame of internal curiosity to explore new research areas, power through adversity and find confidence as a woman in STEM.