Welcome to the Department of Biology at Colorado State University!

We are excited that you are considering pursuing your education here at Colorado State University!

The Department of Biology offers three Bachelor of Science degree programs:

  • Biological Science
  • Biological Science with a concentration in Botany
  • Zoology

If you are a prospective student interested in learning more about the Biology Department at CSU, please complete the Prospective Student Visit Request form. Please do this well in advance of your visit to ensure a time and date that works for you!

We look forward to one day meeting you as an incoming student!

Transfer Students

Are you attending a Community College or local University and plan to transfer to Colorado State University? We have a great resource for you!

Use ‘Transferology’ (transferology.com) along with the Degree Requirements Explanations to determine which classes transfer to CSU. Keep in mind that you will have to work with the Registrar’s Office if there is a question about transferred classes. When you take classes outside of CSU, it is your responsibility to make sure you are registered for the correct courses, and that they will transfer properly into the major.

Visiting Campus

Take a University Tour

Contact the admissions office in order to set up a university tour. There are different opportunities
depending on the type of student you are so check out their website and see what’s offered.

Set Up an Appointment with an Academic Success Coordinator

If you are considering the Biological Sciences or Zoology major, it may be beneficial for you to meet with
an academic success coordinator. They can go through the major with you and discuss the degree
requirements so you can see what the course load looks like for students in our major. Appointments
can be scheduled online at https://www.biology.colostate.edu/undergraduates/schedule-anappointment/

If you have any questions, or if you have trouble scheduling an appointment, please feel free to contact the undergraduate coordinator at 970-491-0589

Set Up a Department Tour or a Meeting with a Faculty Member

If you are interested in doing research, or studying a specific subject matter, the Biology Department
home page lists all of our faculty members as well as their area of expertise. If there is a faculty member
doing research in an area that interests you, reach out to them directly to try and set up an
appointment. If you have general questions about the department, you can contact the undergraduate
coordinator at 970-491-0589 to arrange a general tour of the biology department.

Visit the CNS Learning Community

The College of Natural Sciences has a dedicated learning community for students in select majors.
Students in the learning community live in select residence halls in addition to other benefits. You can find more information about the CNS Learning Community.

You can also contact Lisa Dysleski, the director of the CNS Learning community to ask more questions or set up a time to tour the community.

Places To Make Note Of

Many of these places may be stops on the university tour given by the Admissions office but they may
be worth exploring on your own time – the Morgan Library, The Lory Student Center, the Rec Center and
TILT (office for tutoring).

Parking at CSU

When parking on campus, a valid permit is required in all lots. Signs in each lot designate which type of
permit is required. Short term parking and day passes are available. For more information about parking
on campus, online visit www.parking.colostate.edu

Old Town Fort Collins

Old Town Fort Collins is just north of the university and a popular place among students and locals. In
addition to the occurrence of seasonal events, there are a lot of great restaurants and shops in the older
part of town. If you have time to kill, it’s worth walking around to get the jist of Fort Collins life.