Biology Directory

Current Biology Graduate Students

Alex Adams / Graduate Assistant

Neha Ahuja / Graduate Student

Yu Bai / Postdoctoral Fellow

Hayley Bubb / Graduate Assistant

Edlin Cornejo / Graduate Assistant

Kartik Das / Graduate Assistant

Matt DeSaix / Graduate Assistant

Kimberly Dolphin / Graduate Assistant

I work at the intersection of behavior, evolution, and neuroscience to study how decisions are made between alternative mating strategies in the Trinidadian guppy

Nathan Dorff / Graduate Assistant

I am an aquatic ecologist. I use biota (primarily insects) to look at response to disturbance in stream ecosystems. I am particularly interested in "life below the flow" or invertebrates living in the hyporheic zone.

Rachel Fleming / Graduate Research Assistant

Second-year MS student addressing questions about the evolutionary loss of middle ears in amphibians. Previously worked on bio-inspired engineering projects and is now an aspiring functional/quantitative morphologist and biomechanist.

Michael Friedman / Graduate Student - Plant Molecular Biology

Jess Gray / Graduate Assistant

Olivia Hajek / Graduate Assistant

Nikki Huynh / Graduate Assistant

Annie Kellner / Graduate Teaching Assistant

Chris Kopack / Graduate Research Associate

Ava Lambert / Graduate Assistant

Ashley Larson / Graduate Assistant
Phone: (970) 491-1569

Clint Leach / Postdoctoral Fellow

Casey Lee / Graduate Assistant

Peter Leipzig / PhD Student

Dani Lin Hunter / Graduate Assistant

I am a PhD student in the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology co-advised by Meena Balgopal and Greg Newman. My research focuses on how citizen science projects may or may not result in desired project outcomes.

Maddie Maher / Research Associate II

Alex Mauro / Graduate Assistant

Rachel Mcgee / Graduate Assistant
Phone: (970) 491-7364

Clifton Mckee / PhD Candidate

I am a disease ecologist interested in the ways that host and vector ecology affect infection dynamics and parasite diversification, with a particular focus on bacteria in bats.

Ryan McShane / USGS Water Scientist and PhD Candidate

Chris Miller / Research Associate I
Office: Pathology

Sara Oehmke / Graduate Assistant

Lauren Olsen / Graduate Assistant

Paige Ostwald / Graduate Assistant

I am a graduate student in Cell and Molecular Biology. My research is done in Dr. Garrity's lab where we study embryonic heart development using a zebrafish model.

Andrew Paton / Graduate Assistant

First year PhD student in the Graham Peers lab

Alison Post / PhD student

I study how grasslands respond to altered precipitation patterns as a result of climate change. Specifically, my research focuses on how more frequent deluges (large rainstorms) will affect ecosystem processes in the shortgrass steppe of Eastern Colorado.

Jeremy Primus / Intern
Office: Biology 235

Kailee Reed / Graduate Assistant

Porsche Robison / Research Associate Aquatics Technician Lead

Marina Rodriguez / Graduate Assistant

Luke Sanders / Graduate Assistant

Molly Selleck / Stu Ag & Animal Care

Emily Stuchiner / Ph.D Candidate

I am interested in biogeochemical nitrogen (N) cycling and the N transformations that generate or consume the potent greenhouse gas, nitrous oxide (N2O). I primarily use stable isotopes to address my research questions, which broadly correspond to better understanding the environmental factors that control microbial N2O emissions.

Rick Trippe / Graduate Assistant

Gus Waneka / Graduate Assistant

I am interested in mutation in genomes of endosymbiotic origin (i.e. organelle genomes). Mutation rates in organelle genomes often vary dramatically compared to the mutation rates experienced by the nuclear genome. Understanding what drives this difference is the primary focus of my research.

Jessica Warren / Graduate Assistant

A PhD candidate student in Dr. Dan Sloan's lab studying the effects of mitochondrial gene loss by utilizing new RNA sequencing technologies and a biological system that is undergoing rapid mitochondrial tRNA gene loss.

Alissa Williams / FGT Predoctoral
Office: Biology

DeeDee Wright / Graduate Assistant

After teaching middle and high school science for 25 years, I am taking on a new challenge. I research how teachers use place-based education curriculum to teach ecological concepts.

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