Biology Directory

Current Biology Graduate Students

Alex Adams / Graduate Assistant

Neha Ahuja / Graduate Student

Yu Bai / Postdoctoral Fellow

Hayley Bubb / Graduate Assistant

Brian Canitz / Graduate Assistant

Edlin Cornejo / Graduate Assistant

Kartik Das / Graduate Assistant

Matt DeSaix / Graduate Assistant

Kimberly Dolphin / Graduate Assistant

I work at the intersection of behavior, evolution, and neuroscience to study how decisions are made between alternative mating strategies in the Trinidadian guppy

Nathan Dorff / Graduate Assistant

I am an aquatic ecologist. I use biota (primarily insects) to look at response to disturbance in stream ecosystems. I am particularly interested in "life below the flow" or invertebrates living in the hyporheic zone.

Michael Friedman / Graduate Student - Plant Molecular Biology

Jess Gray / Graduate Assistant

Olivia Hajek / Graduate Assistant

Nikki Huynh / Graduate Assistant

Annie Kellner / Graduate Teaching Assistant

Chris Kopack / Graduate Research Associate

Ava Lambert / Graduate Assistant

Ashley Larson / Graduate Assistant
Phone: (970) 491-1569

Clint Leach / Postdoctoral Fellow

Casey Lee / Graduate Assistant

Peter Leipzig / PhD Student

Dani Lin Hunter / Graduate Assistant

I am a PhD student in the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology co-advised by Meena Balgopal and Greg Newman. My research focuses on how citizen science projects may or may not result in desired project outcomes.

Maddie Maher / Research Associate II

Alex Mauro / Graduate Assistant

Rachel Mcgee / Graduate Assistant
Phone: (970) 491-7364

Clifton Mckee / PhD Candidate

I am a disease ecologist interested in the ways that host and vector ecology affect infection dynamics and parasite diversification, with a particular focus on bacteria in bats.

Ryan McShane / USGS Water Scientist and PhD Candidate

Chris Miller / Research Associate I
Office: Pathology

Sara Oehmke / Graduate Assistant

Paige Ostwald / Graduate Assistant

I am a graduate student in Cell and Molecular Biology. My research is done in Dr. Garrity's lab where we study embryonic heart development using a zebrafish model.

Andrew Paton / Graduate Assistant

First year PhD student in the Graham Peers lab

Alison Post / PhD student

I study how grasslands respond to altered precipitation patterns as a result of climate change. Specifically, my research focuses on how more frequent deluges (large rainstorms) will affect ecosystem processes in the shortgrass steppe of Eastern Colorado.

Jeremy Primus / Intern
Office: Biology 235

Kailee Reed / Graduate Assistant

Porsche Robison / Research Associate Aquatics Technician Lead

Marina Rodriguez / Graduate Assistant

Luke Sanders / Graduate Assistant

Emily Stuchiner / Ph.D Candidate

I am interested in biogeochemical nitrogen (N) cycling and the N transformations that generate or consume the potent greenhouse gas, nitrous oxide (N2O). I primarily use stable isotopes to address my research questions, which broadly correspond to better understanding the environmental factors that control microbial N2O emissions.

Rick Trippe / Graduate Assistant

Gus Waneka / Graduate Assistant

Jessica Warren / Graduate Assistant

Fourth year graduate student in Dr. Dan Sloan's lab studying the effects of mitochondrial gene loss by utilizing new RNA sequencing technologies and a biological system that is undergoing rapid mitochondrial tRNA gene loss.

Alissa Williams / FGT Predoctoral
Office: Biology

DeeDee Wright / Graduate Assistant

After teaching middle and high school science for 25 years, I am taking on a new challenge. I research how teachers use place-based education curriculum to teach ecological concepts.

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