Biology Directory

Current Biology Graduate Students

Alex Adams / Graduate Assistant

Amir Alayoubi / Graduate Assistant
Office: Az H130An

Mai Awad / Graduate Assistant

Adam Bayless / Postdoctoral Fellow
Phone: (970) 495-2997

Brooke Berger / Graduate Assistant

Disease ecology, quantitative ecology, waterfowl migration.

Nick Berning / Graduate Assistant

Hayley Bubb / Graduate Assistant

Amanda Cicchino / Graduate Assistant

I am broadly interested in trait evolution, physiology, and conservation. As a PhD student in the Funk lab, I am part of a diverse team working towards uncovering patterns in vulnerability across elevation gradients in tailed frogs.

Kathy Condon / Graduate Assistant

I am a PhD student in the Knapp lab, broadly interested in plant ecology and the effects of climate change.

Edlin Cornejo / Graduate Assistant

Matt DeSaix / Graduate Assistant

Kord Dicke / Graduate Assistant

Nathan Dorff / Graduate Assistant

I am an aquatic ecologist. I use biota (primarily insects) to look at response to disturbance in stream ecosystems. I am particularly interested in "life below the flow" or invertebrates living in the hyporheic zone.

Rachel Fleming / Graduate Research Assistant

Second-year MS student addressing questions about the evolutionary loss of middle ears in amphibians. Previously worked on bio-inspired engineering projects and is now an aspiring functional/quantitative morphologist and biomechanist.

Nancy Ghanem / Graduate Assistant

Amanda Goldberg / Postdoctoral Fellow
Phone: (970) 495-5722

Jackelynn Gutierrez / Graduate Assistant

Hello! I am a first year master's student in the PSM program, focusing in zoo management. This summer I will studying the effects of installing a motorized enrichment feeder on giraffe stereotypic behavior at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

Olivia Hajek / Graduate Assistant

Ava Haley / Graduate Assistant

Elizabeth Harp / Instructor
Phone: (970) 491-5946

Talia Head / Graduate Assistant

Chris Kopack / Graduate Research Associate

Alaina Krakowiak / Graduate Assistant

Conservation genetics and phylogeography of Fremont's leather flower (Clematis fremontii)

Casey Lee / Graduate Assistant

Darya Lilie / Graduate Assistant

Dani Lin Hunter / Graduate Assistant

I am a PhD candidate in the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology advised by Dr. Meena Balgopal. My research focuses on how scientists communicate about and carry out citizen science projects.

Mary Linabury / PhD Student

I study pulse/press resource dynamics in grassland plant communities.

Maddie Maher / Research Associate II
Phone: (970) 490-4462

Catherine Makofsky / Graduate Assistant

I am from Nectar, AL, and I graduated from Jacksonville State University in Jacksonville, AL in May 2019 with a Bachelor's in General Music and a Bachelor's in General Biology. I am now a part of the PSM program here at CSU studying zoo management. I will be completing my project at Denver Zoo working on gathering baseline behavioral data for various species to help better inform the zoo on exhibit design and animal enrichment practices.

Alex Mauro / Graduate Assistant

Angel McKay Whiteman / Graduate Assistant

I'm a Cell and Molecular Biology M.S. student in the Medford lab engineering Arabidopsis thaliana for directed expression of transcription factors.

Ethan McNally / Graduate Assistant
Office: Az

Caitlin Miller / Graduate Assistant

My background is diverse, I have previously been involved in disease ecology, conservation, and human disease genetics research. I am broadly interested in climate change, conservation, and genetics.

Clara Mosso / Graduate Assistant

Tom O'Brien / Graduate Assistant

Sam Ogden / Graduate Assistant

Lauren Olsen / Graduate Assistant

Paige Ostwald / Graduate Assistant

I am a PhD candidate in Cell and Molecular Biology. My research is done in Dr. Garrity's lab where we study embryonic heart development using a zebrafish model.

Lindsay Palmer / Graduate Assistant
Office: VTH

Andrew Paton / Graduate Assistant

Second year PhD student in the Peers lab studying chlorophyll biosynthesis in diatom algae TA for BZ310-Cell Biology

Alison Post / PhD student

I study how grasslands respond to altered precipitation patterns as a result of climate change. Specifically, my research focuses on how more frequent deluges (large rainstorms) will affect ecosystem processes in the shortgrass steppe of Eastern Colorado.

Kailee Reed / PhD Student in Cell & Molecular Biology

I am a 3rd year PhD student in the Cell & Molecular Biology Program in Tai Montgomery's Lab. My research interests are focused around regulatory genetic pathways, genomics and computational biology.

Porsche Robison / Research Associate Aquatics Technician Lead

Marina Rodriguez / Graduate Assistant

My research integrates telomere dynamics, applied conservation genomics, and evolutionary genomics to better understand the effects of climate change on migratory birds.

Maggie Ross / Graduate Assistant

Luke Sanders / Graduate Assistant

Fabiola Silva Angulo / Research Associate I - Izzo Lab
Phone: (970) 491-5604
Office: Micro B203

Ingrid Slette / PhD Candidate

I am a plant and ecosystem ecologist studying impacts of global change. My PhD research focuses on how extreme drought affects root traits and patterns of aboveground vs. belowground plant production and carbon cycling.

Emily Stuchiner / Ph.D Candidate

I am interested in biogeochemical nitrogen (N) cycling and the N transformations that generate or consume the potent greenhouse gas, nitrous oxide (N2O). I primarily use stable isotopes to address my research questions, which broadly correspond to better understanding the environmental factors that control microbial N2O emissions.

Catherine Tait / Graduate Assistant

My research interests are concerned with the evolution and maintenance of variation in cognitive abilities. Current research questions include: 1) the role of ecology in shaping differences in cognitive ability across species, 2) how performance on multiple cognitive tasks varies between individuals and how this variation translates to differences in behavior and life history and 3) how individual differences in cognition affect group level processes. To address these questions, I work with both temperate A. mellifera and tropical A. florea, A. dorsata and A. cerana.

Tyler Todd / Graduate Assistant

Rick Trippe / Graduate Assistant

Gus Waneka / Graduate Assistant

I am interested in evolution of DNA replication/recombination and repair machinery. I study how these mechanisms drive variation between, and within, the three genomes housed inside plant cells: i.e nuclear, mitochondrial, and plastid genomes.

Jessica Warren / Graduate Assistant

A PhD candidate student in Dr. Dan Sloan's lab studying the effects of mitochondrial gene loss by utilizing new RNA sequencing technologies and a biological system that is undergoing rapid mitochondrial tRNA gene loss.

Alissa Williams / FGT Predoctoral
Office: Biology

Beth Wittmann / Graduate Assistant

I am a PhD student in the Garrity Lab whose research centers on diversity, equity, and inclusion in science. I also partner with the Amplify Learning Community at CSU, which is a co-curricular residential community, to support and mentor students with marginalized identities in STEM fields.

DeeDee Wright / Graduate Assistant

After teaching middle and high school science for 25 years, I am taking on a new challenge. I research how teachers use place-based education curriculum to teach ecological concepts.

Lauren Young / Graduate Assistant
Phone: (970) 491-7034
Office: Az W320