Fall census has been published by the university, which shows a record-sized incoming first-year and transfer class of 6,630 students (236 more than last year)!
The College of Natural Sciences took in 20% more this year (977 first-years, 313 transfers), and 30% of those are out of state (long-term CSU has been ~22% out of state).
Biology also took in 13% more than last year, a total of 529 new students (372 in Biological Science and 157 in Zoology).  Here’s a little matrix of the breakdown.
                                        First Year              Transfer              % Out of state (FY+T+Int)/Total
Biological Science             293                        79                       (92+20+2)/372 = 30.6%
Zoology                            131                        26                       (69+26+3)/157 = 62.4.%
So, we have popular programs, and we are poplar nationwide…..  especially for Zoology undergraduates.
Some other statistics show that our undergraduate students in Biology are mostly female (~75%) and we’ve had gains in diversity among students (100 of 424 first-years, 23 of 103 transfers, 22 more than last year).
We are building it, and they are here!
More information about CSU’s record enrollment can be seen on SOURCE.

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