Here you will find an archive of select syllabus files. Graduate courses have numbers > 500; all others are undergraduate-level courses. Courses with a BZ prefix are offered through the Department of Biology. Courses with a LIFE prefix are introductory courses offered by the LIFE core, which spans a number of departments including Biology. Select the course you would like and click on the Lookup button.  Courses with an ECOL prefix are offered through the Graduate Degree Program in Ecology (GDPE), one of our interdisciplinary degree programs.

BZ101-Humans and Other Animals

BZ104-Basic Concepts of Plant Life

BZ110-Principles of Animal Biology

BZ111-Principles of Animal Biology Laboratory

BZ120-Principles of Plant Biology

BZ212-Animal Biology-Invertebrates

BZ214-Animal Biology-Vertebrates

BZ220-Introduction to Evolution

BZ223-Plant Identification

BZ240-Synthetic Biology

BZ300-Animal Behavior

BZ310-Cell Biology

BZ311-Developmental Biology

BZ325-Plant Systematics



BZ333-Introductory Mycology


BZ339-Biology Field Practicum

BZ340-Field Mammalogy

BZ342-Exploring Range Shifts in a Changing World

BZ348-Theory of Population and Evolutionary Ecology

BZ349-Tropical Ecology and Evolution

BZ350-Molecular and General Genetics

BZ360-Bioinformatics and Genomics

BZ380A5-Vertebrate Climate Change Responses

BZ381A3-Engineering Biology with Viruses

BZ390-Biology of Sex

BZ401-Comparative Animal Physiology

BZ415-Marine Biology

BZ418-Ecology of Infectious Diseases

BZ420-Evolutionary Medicine

BZ424-Principles of Systematic Zoology

BZ425-Molecular Ecology

BZ430-Animal Behavior and Conservation

BZ433-Behavioral Genetics

BZ440-Plant Physiology

BZ441-Plant Physiology Laboratory

BZ450-Plant Ecology

BZ460-Genome Evolution

BZ462-Parasitology and Vector Biology

BZ471-Stream Biology and Ecology

BZ472-Stream Biology and Ecology Laboratory

BZ475-Marine Mammalogy

BZ478-Biology and Behavior of Cats

BZ479-Biology and Behavior of Dogs

BZ480A4-Service Dog Training for On-Campus Work

BZ492-A-G-Departmental Seminar

BZ505-Cognitive Ecology

BZ520-Advanced Systematics

BZ525-Advanced Conservation and Evolutionary Genomics

BZ526-Evolutionary Ecology

BZ535-Behavioral Ecology

BZ560-Teaching and Communicating Science

BZ565-Next Generation Sequencing Platform/Libraries

BZ568-Sustaining River Ecosystems in Changing World

BZ570-Molecular Aspects of Plant Development

BZ578-Genetics of Natural Populations

BZ692-A-H-Departmental Seminar

LIFE102-Attributes of Living Systems

LIFE103-Biology of Organisms Animals and Plants

LIFE162-Bridging the Biol/Chem Gulf for Pre-Health Majors


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