Jorge Perez Moreno Postdoctoral Fellow

Office: Biology 212

Phone: (000) 000-0000

Google Scholar:


  • Florida International University - PhD
  • Florida International University - MSc
  • The University of Queensland - BMarSt


Biological scientist experienced with emerging DNA/RNA sequencing technologies in field and laboratory settings.


Proficient in wet lab molecular biology techniques such as nucleic acid isolation, NGS library preparation (WGS, RNAseq, bisulfite-seq, and Methyl-Capture-seq), and developing and optimizing protocols for non-model organisms and/or difficult samples. Experienced in generating, processing, and analyzing Sanger, Illumina, Oxford Nanopore Technologies, and PacBio HiFi data.


Experienced in developing custom pipelines for transcriptomic, phylogenetic, metagenomic, and targeted next-gen sequencing analyses on High-Performance Computing clusters. Knowledgeable in Python, bash, R, and eager to develop my computational biology skills in compiled languages such as Rust.


Excited to explore research avenues integrating multiomic techniques to explore understudied biodiversity and the potential hidden within their molecules.