Jessica Warren Graduate Assistant

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Functional integration of gene products from the mitochondrial (mt) and nuclear genomes is essential to energy conversion and cell physiology. My research investigates the effects that mt gene loss has on cellular networks by utilizing new RNA sequencing technologies and a biological system that is undergoing rapid mt tRNA gene loss. I am testing multiple hypothesis related to the evolutionary mechanisms that facilitate the functional replacement of mt tRNA genes with anciently-divergent nuclear counterparts and how these changes “rewire” networks of interactions with numerous enzymes.

I'm passionate about understanding the evolutionary forces that shape genomes over time. I love to discuss all things molecular evolution, endosymbiosis, phylogenetics, horizontal gene transfer, art and music. 


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Partitioned coalescence support reveals biases in species-tree methods and detects gene trees that determine phylogenomic conflictsJohn Gatesy, Dan Benjamin Sloan, Jessica Marie Warren, Richard H. Baker, Mark Simmons, Mark S. Springer Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.
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Linear plasmids and the rate of sequence evolution in plant mitochondrial genomesJessica Marie Warren, Mark Simmons, Zhiqiang Wu, Dan Benjamin Sloan Genome Biology and Evolution, 2, 2016.
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