Dr. Hans-Henning Kunz
Speaker's Institution
Washington State University
4:00 PM
Biology Building, Room 136
Mixer Time
3:30 PM
Mixer Time
Biology Building, Room 136
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Plants are sessile life forms and cannot escape from adverse environmental conditions. Therefore, they have evolved a myriad of molecular pathways that aid in sensing and responding to a broad variety of stress signals. These stress signals appear on very different time scales forcing the cell to respond accordingly. My lab focuses on understanding the role of the chloroplast, a semi-autonomous plant cell organelle, in abiotic stress responses. The chloroplasts is not only the site of plant photosynthesis but it is also functions as a major stress sensing hub. Our work focuses on deciphering the transport proteins which facilitate the flux of ions such as K+ and Clacross the different chloroplast membranes. In my seminar, I will introduce the tools we have established to enable our research and talk about the relevance of plastid ion carriers and channels for photosynthetic efficiency and plant productivity under adverse environmental conditions.