Peter J. Hatch
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3:30 PM
Behavioral Sciences Building Auditorium, Room 131, 410 W. Pitkin St., Colorado State University Fort Collins campus
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Thomas Jefferson’s Revolutionary Garden at Monticell

Peter J. Hatch is a professional gardener and historian with 38 years experience in the restoration, care, and interpretation of historic landscapes. A celebrated author of four books on the gardens of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello, where he served as Director of Gardens and Grounds for 35 years, Hatch has lectured in 36 states on Jefferson and the history of garden plants. Presently, he gardens and botanizes from his home on Lickinghole Creek in Crozet, Virginia, travels extensively to promote his latest work, ‘A Rich Spot of Earth’: Thomas Jefferson’s Revolutionary Garden at Monticello, and consults on the installation and maintenance of both public gardens and private estate landscape

Peter Hatch is available for book talks and lectures, and consultations on landscape maintenance and garden restoration. His 38-year horticultural career has instilled a finely tuned and highly skilled knowledge of vegetable and fruit gardening, the planting and care of trees, and the creation of native plant habitats, as well as a comprehensive understanding of the care of both private and public landscapes. Contact him at peterjhatch@gmail.com, 434-882-0081, or 1409 Lickinghole Creek Rd., Crozet, VA, 22932