We are excited to get to know you better and determine if we are a good fit for your needs, interests, and career direction. Our PSM degree is a rigorous and competitive program. Being a unique specialization, we are looking for students that are passionate, articulate, and creative who will shine both in their graduate work and in future employment. Showcasing your soft skills in your application will be important. We are training future leaders.


What we’re looking for:

2-Year Traditional Program and AMP Applicants

  • Strong undergraduate record and GPA– Students who took a rigorous undergraduate schedule in a science field are the most qualified applicants, though students come from a variety of undergraduate backgrounds. A minimum of 3.0 GPA is required. For more information please read more in our FAQ section
  • Demonstrated interest in the field– We ask for a resume or CV detailing prior employment, internships or volunteering in the animal field help to show a commitment to this career path. Be thorough and complete when describing past experience. We are looking for 3-4 internship or equivalent volunteer or work experience in the field.
  • Well-written and informative statement of purpose– A well-composed and creative statement of purpose can help us to identify students who are passionate and committed as well as highlight unique skills and perspectives. In the statement of purpose, we’re hoping to learn more about your connection to the field and how this degree will further your career path.
  • Three letters of recommendation– Strong letters of recommendation that help us get to know you as a student, future leader, and person will help us evaluate your likelihood to succeed in our program and in the field of management. A strong letter will comment on:
    • Your character and professionalism
    • Your ability to succeed in rigorous coursework
    • Your ability to think critically
    • Your attitude and demeanor
  • Graduate record exam (GRE) not required – The GRE is not required to apply for the PSM program or the Department of Biology. However, if you have taken the GRA and feel your scores help distinguish you strongly as a candidate, you can report your scores.

3-Year Online Program Additional Requirements 

  • Demonstrated work experience in the field – Minimum of 5 years paid experience in the field.


If you are selected as a top candidate, we will ask for an interview (by phone, Zoom, or in person). We are interested in students who can communicate their ideas with distinction and demonstrate a deep commitment to excellence.