von fischer_275(2)Our own Joe von Fischer has found fame in finding methane!  A broader description of the project is published online at CSU Today: http://www.today.colostate.edu/story.aspx?id=10267

The EDF put together a really nice web page describing the project:  http://www.edf.org/climate/methanemaps

The story was picked up broadly and already appeared in the Washington Post, Bloomberg, and Scientific American.  Some other places include:


Reuters: Google’s Street View takes on America’s gas leaks

Fortune: Google unveils maps to track natural gas leaks below city streets

New Scientist: Google Streetview cars sniff out gas leaks in cities

Boston Globe: Thousands of gas leaks in Boston area, study finds

Newsweek: Google Street View Cars Want to Scan Your City for Gas Leaks

Salon: Google Street View can now show you if you live near a natural gas leak

Fast Company: Google Street View Cars Are Sniffing Out Climate-Destroying Methane As They Drive


Engadget: Google Street View cars have mapped methane gas leaks in big US cities

Gizmodo: Google Street View Cars Find Hundreds of Gas Leaks in Cities

GreenTech Media: EDF and Google Street View Join Forces to Find and Map Natural Gas Leaks

Slash Gear: See Google Maps show natural gas leaks around your city

Geeks World: EDF & Google Street View Map Methane Gas Leaks


The Hill: Google project maps natural gas leaks under city streets

Fuel Fix: Google project spotlights pipeline leaks under city streets

Natural Gas Intelligence: EDF, Google Map Underground NatGas Leaks in Boston, Indianapolis, NYC

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