Zane Moore, Botany undergrad and recipient of the College of Natural Sciences Marilyn & Ron Tuttle Undergraduate Research Scholarship for the upcoming year, was interviewed by National Public Radio’s “All Things Considered” on July 28, 2014.  






Zane standing next to the second tallest tree on earth, a 376′ redwood!




In the story Zane describes how he helped save an “albino” redwood in Cotati, CA, California, and much about the biology of chlorophyll deficiency in plants!   The saved tree is particularly interesting because it is chimeric, with normal and chlorophyll-deficient tissues lying side-by-side within the same leaves (pictured above).

The interview is archived here:












Zane was interviewed for an article about these trees in National Geographic Magazine in March 2014:

The story also appeared in Outside Online on July 24!

Beginning in Fall 2014, Zane will be a Resident Assistant with CSU’s College of Natural Sciences Learning Community, in the brand-new Laurel Village (, and some of Zane’s research will be on display in the new Pavilion Building at Laurel Village. 

All photos are from Zane Moore. 

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