Alisha Shah

AlishaAdvisor: Cameron Ghalambor (co-advisor: Chris Funk)
Office: E338/9
Phone: 497-2782
Grants and Awards: National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship 2011–2015; National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant 2017-2018

I am interested in how physiological limits affect the distribution of organisms, constrain their function, and mediate their response to a changing environment. Specifically, I study the thermal physiology of aquatic insects along elevation (mountains) and latitudinal (USA and Ecuador) gradients. The parameters I focus on include metabolic rate as a function of temperature and dissolved oxygen, and critical thermal maxima for target species. I hope that some of the insights gained from my work can inform efforts for stream ecosystem restoration and conservation.

Selected Publications

Shah, A.A.; Ryan, M.J.; Bevilacqua, E.; Schlaepfer, M.A. 2010. Prior experience alters the behavioral response of prey to a nonnative predator. Journal of Herpetology 44:185-192.