Patricia Bedinger

Patricia BedingerProfessor
Office: Anatomy/Zoology Building E344
Phone: 970-491-2879
Education: Ph.D., University of California, San Francisco
Email: Patricia.Bedinger@ColoState.EDU

The work in my laboratory centers on reproductive barriers between higher plant species, in particular between species of wild tomatoes found in Ecuador, Peru and Chile. We are examining the molecular and cellular nature of interspecific reproductive barriers (IRB). Our investigations include genetics (including inter-species crosses, analysis of both natural variation and transgenic approaches), next generation sequencing, and pollen tube growth studies.

Selected Publications

Broz, A.K., A. M. Randle, S.A. Sianta, A. Tovar-Mendez, B. McClure and P.A. Bedinger (2017) Dynamics of reproductive barriers at the northern margin of wild tomato species S. habrochaites: consequences for mating systems, interspecific incompatibility and inter-population interactions. New Phytologist 213:440-454

Bedinger, P.A., A.K. Broz, A. Tovar-Mendez and B. McClure (2017) Pollen-pistil interactions and their role in mate selection. Plant Physiol. 173:79-90

2016 Fleming et al BioresourcesFleming, M., S. R. Decker, P. A. Bedinger (2016) Investigating the role of extensin proteins in polar biomass recalcitrance. BioResources 11(2): 4727-4744

Baek, YS, S.M. Royer, A. K. Broz, P.A. Covey, G. López-Casado, R. Nuñez, P.J. Kear, M. Bonierbale, M. Orillo, E. van der Knaap, S.M. Stack, B. McClure, R.T. Chetelat, and P.A. Bedinger (2016) Pre- and postzygotic reproductive isolating barriers in sympatric wild tomato species. American J. Botany 103:1964-1978 (selected for cover and Highlight of issue)

Baek, YS, P.A. Covey, J. J. Petersen, R.T. Chetelat, B. McClure and P. A. Bedinger Testing the SI × SC rule: pollen-pistil interactions in interspecific crosses between members of the tomato clade (Solanum section Lycopersicon, Solanaceae) (2015) American J. Botany 102 ( 2 ): 302 – 311 (Selected for Highlight of issue)

Tovar-Mendez, A.; A. Kumar, K. Kondo, A. Ashford, Y.S. Baek, L. Welch, P.A. Bedinger, and B. McClure. Restoring pistil-side self-incompatibility factors recapitulates an interspecific reproductive barrier between tomato species (2014) The Plant Journal 77: 727–736

Chalivendra, S.C., G. Lopez-Casado, A. Kumar, A.R. Kassenbrock, S. Royer, A. Tovar-Mendez, P. A. Covey, L.A. Dempsey, A.M. Randle, S. M. Stack, J.K.C. Rose, B. McClure and P. A. Bedinger (2013) Developmental onset of reproductive barriers and associated proteome changes in stigma/styles of Solanum pennellii J. Experimental Botany 64: 265-279 (selected for cover)

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Covey, P., R.L. Parsons, C. A. Ryan, F. Lay, M. Anderson, G. Pearce and P. A. Bedinger (2010)  PRALF, a peptide regulator of pollen tube growth in S. lycopersicum Plant Physiology 153: 703-715

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