Benjamin Golas

Benjamin GolasAdvisor: Colleen Webb
Grants and Awards: Best poster presentation award, Front Range Student Ecology Symposium, 2018. GDPE Small Research Grant, Primary Investigator, $2,500, “Characterizing survival of white-nose syndrome in eastern United States bats,” Graduate Degree Program in Ecology, 2017. Fellowship, Morris Animal Foundation, “Dynamics of endemic white-nose syndrome in cave-dwelling bats: characterizing survivorship in the eastern United States,” 2016-2018.

I am primarily interested in studying wildlife disease ecology in a way that will benefit management and prevention of disease outbreaks. I utilize statistical modeling to guide field work that will help elucidate the relationships between hosts, pathogens, and the environment, particularly concerning wildlife reservoirs. At present I am hoping to apply this system to white-nose syndrome in bats to identify novel conservation approaches for a devastating disease.