Christopher Kopack

cjkopackAdvisor: Lisa Angeloni
Office: Anatomy/Zoology E437
Phone: (970)412-3843

I am interested in the effects of environmental variability in shaping antipredator behaviors of fishes. More specifically, I am interested in how artificial propagation influences the evolution and expression of these traits, and how this translates to survival of native and introduced individuals and populations.

Selected Publications

Kopack, C.J., Broder, E.D., Fetherman, E.R., Lepak, J.M., and Angeloni, L.M. 2016. The effect of a single pre-release exposure to conspecific alarm cue on post-stocking survival in three strains of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Canadian Journal of Zoology, 94(9), 661-664.

Kopack, C.J., Broder, E.D., Lepak, J.M., Fetherman, E.R., and Angeloni, L.M. 2015. Behavioral responses of a highly domesticated, predator naïve rainbow trout to chemical cues of predation. Fisheries Research, 169, 1-7.