Dale Lockwood

Office: A/Z E405 and Johnson Hall 131
Phone: 970-492-4070
Email: dale.lockwood@colostate.edu

An ecologist by training I teach LIFE103, BZ220, LIFE320, BZ346, ECOL505, GES101, and GES520. I am also the Academic Coordinator for the School of Global Environmental Sustainability.

Boring school stuff: I have a BS in Computer Science and Mathematics from New Mexico State University, a MS in Applied Mathematics from the University of Arizona and a MS and PhD in Population Biology from the University of California, Davis.

Less boring science stuff: I have looked into a nuclear reactor and seen cherenkov radiation, demonstrated the doppler effect in a heavy ion accelerator, I knew the discoverer of Pluto, met two astronauts who walked on the moon, was on the launch team for the first three GPS satellite launches, conducted field work in shark infested waters, worked on ecological genetics at the largest seed bank in the world, put grasshoppers in a wind tunnel (to measure how cannibalistic they are - or really to measure whether canola oil or olive oil smells more like a dead grasshopper) and have an Erdos number of 5.

Wildly cool stuff: There are more cells in you that are not you than are you (there are 10x as many bacterial cells in a human than there are cells from the human). Tapeworm cancers can cause tumors made from tapeworm cells to grow in humans. Horned lizards can shoot blood from their eyes. Cymothoa exigua is the only known parasite that replaces a functioning organ in its host.

I have coached two teams of middle schoolers to the National Science Bowl (placing 4th in the Engineering Design Competition) and have coached Science Olympiad teams for a number of years.

One of my goals is to have an Erdos-Bacon number.

Remember, no matter how bad your day is, at least you are not a detritivore.