John Kronenberger

JohnAdvisor: Lisa Angeloni and Chris Funk
Office: Anatomy/Zoology E437

I use Trinidadian guppies to study the effects of divergent immigrants on population fitness.

Selected Publications

Kronenberger JA, Fitzpatrick SW, Angeloni LM, Broder ED, Ruell EW, and Funk WC (2017). Playing God with guppies – informing tough conservation decisions using a model experimental system. Animal Conservation 20, 18–19.  

Kronenberger JA, Funk WC, Smith JW, Fitzpatrick SW, Angeloni LM, Broder ED, and Ruell EW (2017). Testing the demographic effects of divergent immigrants on small populations of Trinidadian guppies. Animal Conservation 20, 3–11.

Havird JC, Fitzpatrick SW, Kronenberger JA, Funk WC, Angeloni LM, and Sloan DB (2016). Sex, mitochondria, and genetic rescue. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 31, 96–99.

Fitzpatrick SW, Gerberich JC, Kronenberger JA, Angeloni LM, and Funk WC (2014). Locally adapted traits maintained in the face of high gene flow. Ecology Letters 18, 37–47.

Kronenberger JA, Cipollini M, Baldvins T, Montgomery A, and Simpson A (2014). Vegetative and bird community response to management in a mountain longleaf pine forest. Natural Areas Journal 34, 8–23.