David Markman

David MarkmanAdvisor: Michael Antolin
Website: https://twitter.com/david_markman
Email: david.markman@colostate.edu
Grants and Awards: 2017: Sharon & David Kabes Scholarship, 2016: Top Scholar – College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Research, 2015: NSF I-WATER IGERT Fellowship, 2015: 1st Place Graduate Research - Front Range Ecology Symposium, 2015: Honorable Mention NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, 2015-Present: CDC Bio-safety Level 3 Certified, 2015-Present: CDC Tier 1 Select Agent Clearance, 2013-Present: World Health Organization Blood Parasite Trial Microscopy Certified, 2013-Present: Food and Drug Administration Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) Certified, 2010: NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates, 2007: Richard A. Wilson Memorial Scholarship

Research: I research the disease ecology of plague and other cryptic infectious diseases as a PhD student at Colorado State University. I am a research fellow for the US Dept. of Defense NDSEG program and the CSU VPR program as well as a guest researcher at the Center's for Disease Control in Fort Collins. I received my MS in Microbiology at CSU while researching bacterial persistence mechanisms that facilitate epidemics. Previously, I was a Vector Biologist at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research and focused on the epidemiology of vector-born infectious diseases including malaria, dengue virus, plague, lyme disease and tularemia. I have diverse research interests encompassing microbiology, epidemiology, conservation, evolutionary biology, and the philosophy of emergent phenomena. Please contact me if you'd like to discuss any of these topics, my current research, or opportunities for collaboration.