David Markman

David MarkmanAdvisor: Michael Antolin
Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/davidmarkman
Email: david.markman@colostate.edu
Grants and Awards: Young Investigator Award – American Society of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene (2017), Disease Ecology Travel Award – Ecological Society of America (2017), National Defense, Science, and Engineering Graduate Fellowship – DOD (2017), Vice President for Research Fellowship – CSU (2017), Sharon & David Kabes Scholarship (2016), Top Scholar – CSU College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Research (2016), I-WATER IGERT Fellowship – NSF (2015), 1st Place Graduate Research – Front Range Ecology Symposium (2015), Honorable Mention – NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (2015), Research Experience for Undergraduates Fellowship – NSF (2010), Richard A. Wilson Memorial Scholarship (2007)

David is a PhD candidate in the Department of Biology at Colorado State University focusing on Biosecurity and Infectious Disease. In Spring 2019 he will start as an Associate Consultant at McKinsey & Co. in Washington, D.C. where he will advise some of the world’s largest public and private health and defense organizations. Currently, he is a National Defense, Science, and Engineering Graduate Fellow through the United State Department of Defense and also works with CSU Ventures as a graduate ambassador and a consultant for biotech and health-related start-ups. David's prior experience includes research as a Parasite Biologist at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Washington, D.C. where he conducted multi-national disease management initiatives focusing on malaria and dengue virus. Connect on LinkedIn or Follow on Twitter